Based on the IVECO S-WAY the AnurA is a specialised heavy truck (28t GVW), designed as an  independent service vehicle for Marine Dive teams.

With the capability to operate in all weather conditions with it own powersupply, 350bar compressor unit and climatized superstructure in which it is possible to dry dive suits and other gear. To be able to work under all circumstances the AnurA is fitted with an inflatable tent which is stored in the roof. These tents can be coupled to each other an then form one big tent.


Length                       10000 mm
Width (excl.mirrors) 2550mm
Height                        4000 mm

Max Gross Weight  28000 KG
Max Gross Weight Front Axle 9000 KG
Max Gross Weight Rear Axle11000/8000 KG
Payload 11000 KG


Engine : IVECO Cursor 11
Power : 480 HP
Torque : 2300 Nm
Gearbox : 12 speed full automatic with torque converter

Chassis :

WB 5700 mm

Electrical Installation:

24V start- and accessory system
External generator 230V / 400V

Crew :


“The vehicle name AnurA originates from the Latin word : AnurA, which means Frog. Marine Divers in The Royal Dutch Navy are nicknamed “Frogs” and therefore a we adopted this name for this special vehicle”