Meet the DMV AgamA concepttruck!

Even though the AnacondA can carry the formidable load of 2.5 tons, this may not be enough and a payload of up to 6.6 tons is needed. In this case the DMV AgamA can meet this challenge!

Based on the -15 ton- IVECO Defence 4×4 chassis the AgamA is very capable in difficult terrain.

Designed as full military vehicle, we offer 3 cabin versions. Fully open, half open and fully closed. Cargo-bed options are limitless. Troop-transport, Cargo, Mobile firing platform, it is all possible.

Options include : Roof-gunner position in the middle of the cabin, foldable windscreen, black-out lights,  STANAG Level 1 Protection, etc. etc.

The coming months more information will be available.