New concept but experience since 1978

The Anaconda is a new concept of a light military vehicle, developed and launched in 2018! The base of the Anaconda is the IVECO Daily, a large light commercial van produced since 1978. The IVECO Daily is extremely strong cause of the use of a separate ladder frame which is typical of heavier commercial vehicles.

The IVECO Daily is celebrating 40 years of pushing the boundaries of innovation, versatility and efficiency in light commercial vehicles. Since it was first launched in 1978, it has introduced ground-breaking innovations that have changed the industry: from the adoption of a truck-derived chassis with rear traction and independent front suspension, to the introduction of Common Rail technology in 1999 – a world first – or the advanced Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for regulating vehicle handling during steering and braking. In 40 years over 3 million IVECO Daily’s were sold. Today it is marketed in 110 countries around the world.

The Anaconda

Many figured it a “mission impossible” to deliver these, now called Anaconda, vehicles in time on 31st of January 2019. Due to excellent cooperation with The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and the Dutch MOD we believed it to be possible. Despite rigorous testing and many other challenges the mission proved possible and the vehicles were delivered on exactly the 31st of January 2019.
Very pleased with this performance the Dutch MOD ordered another 11 Anacondas to be deployed to the Dutch Caribbean, making the total of 46 vehicles now in use in Curacao, Aruba and St. Maarten.

Technical features

weight                                   3.900 kg
GVW                                      6.100 kg (optional 7.100 kg)
length                                    5270 mm
height                                    2270 mm
width                                     2260 mm
engine                                   3.0 ltr diesel , 180 Hp , 430 Nm torque
driveline                               4×4
gearbox                                 8-speed full automatic
differential lock                   front / rear
seats                                      4 (9)
ground clearance                50 cm
wading depth                      70 cm (optional 150 cm)

Local suppliers, short leadtimes

The Anaconda is an unique concept which is built in corporation with local partners. Thanks to close cooperation with these local partners, we have short lead times.